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Kosar Abbasi offers dozens of classes for all levels, in-person & Online, at the scheduled fields, and online via Contemporary, Latin, Sufi, Belly, and Bandari Fusion Dance.

She is also practicing Yoga, Dance Fitness, Meditative Movement, and more!

Contemporary Fusion Dance

This class is a fusion of contemporary style techniques and Kosar’s own technique inspired by her roots and story.

Latin Fusion Dance

Latin Fusion is an incredibly rhythmic dance that not only makes your body sweat but ensures you have a fun time as well. Kosar infuses her own technique inspired by her roots to any of the following styles: Salsa, Bachata, Rumba, Merengue, Jive, Tango

Sufi Fusion Dance

Sufi Fusion is an incredibly spiritual and physically meditative class with Middle Eastern roots.

Belly Fusion Dance

Belly Fusion includes traditional belly dance techniques and Kosar’s own techniques inspired by her roots in Southern Iran.

Limitations in Capacity!

For the safety and comfort of the instructors and the participants, classes will initially operate with limited capacities. These capacities will increase over the summer/autumn months. Registration for the course will open approximately seven days before class time.

Kosar Dance Program will be adding classes on an ongoing basis and may adjust class start times to accommodate a fuller schedule.

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Bandari Fusion Dance

Kosar is originally from Bandar-e ‘Abbās on the southern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf. She grew up dancing Bandari dance which is an ethnic rhythmic dance of Bandar-e ‘Abbās and can be performed both in groups and solo.


Yoga classes are taught at beginner and intermediate levels.

Dance Fitness

If you are looking for a fun and sweaty cardio class this is the one for you. Dance Fitness is a 50-minute long class that takes dance movements to the next level to burn the most calories and use every muscle in 50 minutes.

Meditative Movement

A meditative class that focuses on the mind and body simultaneously. It uses slow dance and meditative movements to target every muscle in the body and create inner peace.

Yoga in Motion & Flexibility

Imagine combining the sacred art of Yoga with the fluid motion of dance and you have YOGA IN MOTION. In this class,

you will practice the breathing and meditation of traditional Yoga while also learning how to apply slow movement therapy that comes from years of applied dance training and knowledge.

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    Under founder and artistic director Brenda Way, Kosar choreography Way produces new work from contemporary life’s aesthetic and social values.

    Many extraordinary dancers perform the work and participate in Kosar’s extensive local and national educational programs.

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